Creative Artist Without Fear of Losing What Makes You Great

Unlock the all-access pass to your true self and stand in your power.

  • Know your Soothsayer & Tame your Saboteur
  • Understand the Power (and price) of your PR Self
  • Build your Artistic Sanctuary
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Are you?

  • Feeling like an impostor  - even after all you’ve achieved?
  • Still thinking someday they’ll find out you have no idea what you’re doing?
  • Waiting for that next deal to close or rave review to finally feel good enough, only to keep moving the goalposts time after time?
  • Afraid if you heal your pain, you’ll lose your muse?

I feel you.

Don’t let the myth of the self-destructive artist rob you of your birthright.

You don’t want your edges smoothed off, you want to fully own and inhabit all that you are.



you will learn to protect the art by protecting the artist.

  • Understand what stands in your own way.
  • Tune into your authentic voice.
  • Embrace your confidence and achievements.


Dr. Cheryl Arutt


I founded Creative Resilience as a bridge to connect creative artists everywhere with key strategies to unlock your unique strengths and protect your vulnerabilities.

Through a series of happy accidents, I spent my first two decades as a professional working actor, growing up immersed in the “hurry up and wait” business. A brilliant mentor, the late Roy London, showed me by example that there were ways to support actors by helping creative people find their voice, their power and their deep, authentic access to themselves.

My way was to become an expert in psychology with a specialty in trauma and the nexus between creativity and mental health.

Today, highly successful creative people and performers have trusted me to work with them for more than twenty years and I wanted a way to bring the wisdom gleaned over those decades to you, the busy creative who needs more flexibility and may not be in a position to work together with me one-on-one.

Busy people can access my courses from anywhere, at your convenience, and then go stand in your power and do your best work from a place of confidence and self-compassion.

“If you are an artist, you are your instrument. The greater access you maintain to yourself, the richer and broader your array of creative tools."

- Dr Cheryl Arutt

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